How to set auto call disconnect after 59sec / 1min from asterisk server?

hello everyone

i want set a option my asterisk server. i want a call automatically disconnect after 59sec or 1min. i want no any calls duration will be more then 59sec. then how can i set my asterisk server???

i will be very pleased if anybody help me.

thank you

The dialplan function TIMEOUT[1] can be used to set an absolute limit on a channel. It is set in the dialplan like any other dialplan function using Set.


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thank u for your reply. cloud u tell pls which function i need to edit with a little example. pls it will be helpful for me.pls

I can’t because I don’t know how your system is configured. Using dialplan functions and changing dialplan is a basic skill that is needed in order to use Asterisk, if you don’t yet have that knowledge then you will need to learn or else you will run into many problems.