Asterisk realtime(mysql) : set call duration before call starts

How can I set call time before call starts. I am using mysql realtime database for sip registration, extensions, etc.

You could set an ABSOLUTE timeout.



Thank u for helping me johnkiniston … :slight_smile:

Please see the screenshot.
This is my extension table. I am using the absolute timeout. But call were continue after 10 seconds.

I am using 2 softphones for checking the calls.

  1. 3cxPhone
  2. Phonerlite

You should have TIMEOUT before Dial.
Did you ever think of using L( x:y:z ) - Limit the call to x milliseconds. Play a warning when y milliseconds are left. Repeat the warning every z milliseconds until time expires. or S( x ) - Hang up the call x seconds after the called party has answered the call. options of Dial application?

–Satish Barot

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Hi, I am new to asterisk. I tried timeout, rtptimeout, etc to set call duration. But nothing can work. Anyone, please help me to solve this issue. I want to create an application for managing call rates and billing. I already tried mbilling & a2billing. But now I decided to create custom billing system using php/mysql/asterisk. Can anyone give me a solution.

rtptimeout is a fault detection mechanism.

The usual options for your requirement are the Dial L option and a channel variable that sets a time limit including the setup time. A search of the forum and/or the channel variable documentation should find the variable.

The usual question asked about this area is about the user making two calls in parallel, for which I don’t think there is a really satisfactory answer.