How to set Asterisk to answer after 1st ring?

Dear All,

I am running Asterisk, how to set Asterisk to answer after 1st ring?

please help

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Which chanel driver (sip, dahdi, etc.).? If dahdi, is it analogue, associated channel digital or common channel digital?

Why is this irequirement mportant? (The ringback tone heard by the caller is not synchronised with the ringing current on an analogue line, so the caller might hear no rings, or multiple rings.)

Are you trying to use US style caller ID on an analogue line? This is sent between the first and second ring, so it might be rather difficult to prevent the second ring being sent…

What software versions are you using?

I am referring to DAHDI and it’s analogue (PSTN)

any idea?


That will increase the number of rings.