How to Send Custom ASR Parameters to UniMRCP Server?

i use unimrcp in asterisk.

  1. Actually I wanted to send params( Vendor-Specific Parameters) to unimrcp server from client . I tried pass params from extension.conf like below but doesn’t work.

exten => s,2, SynthAndRecog(Welcome to bot,builtin:grammar/number, userdid=user_id&spl=en-IN&p=speech-nuance5-mrcp2)

  1. can not get dtmf in mrcp.i use like below:

exten => s,n,SynthAndRecog(Please input a number,builtin:dtmf/number,t=5000&b=1&ct=0.7&spl=en-US), is there something wrong?

Here is an example using two builtin grammars (one with voice and one with DTMF (single digit)). This one succeeds after the digit is pressed.
EXEC MRCPRecog builtin:grammar/number^builtin:dtmf/number,p=1&gd=^&f=/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/mrcp/IS/199781&b=1&sw=false&nac=false&cdb=true&enm=false&epe=0&uer=0&sit=false&spl=en-US&rm=normal&nit=2500&t=7000&sl=0.5&ct=0.7&dit=5000&dtt=10000&nb=10&sva=0.5&i=none

not work for me…

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