How to send Alerting Message?

Is there any setting or command in Asterisk, to set to send a Q931(1) Alerting message to telco once the call is setup?

More information!!
We connect A party and B party.
We call to A party —> Our switch —> (make long distance call to) B Party.
When call setup. A party waiting for Alerting message (Q.921 Message) while starting a timer. There are two case may happen.
Case 1. B party return a Alerting message with in 5 sec. Then call proceeding. Calling party hear the ring tone. Call success.

Case 2. B party did not return Alerting message with in 5 sec. A party time out. Drop the call.

The time return the Alerting message may be vary for different B party.
So if we could send Alerting message to A party instead of B party. The call will not drop in a short time.

We have another question. Up to now, we did not proof whether the B party can return the message to us. Because we have tried to set a debugger on the trunk. But no message return. Or may be they return the message to us but our switch drop the message.