Automatically ring the on-call duty

Hello everyone,
I would like to automate the alerting of our on-call duty with Asterisk.

As it runs so far:
The monitoring system (Icinga 2) sends an email to a mailbox which is checked periodically by an external service provider. If an email is received, the person currently on standby is determined and called. This person confirms that he or she is ready to take over the job. Usually he or she does not receive any information about the content of the incident report.
Even if this approach works in principle, it has its disadvantages:

  • The service is not cheap.
  • There is a delay between the alarm in monitoring and the call to the technician. (0:10 – 1:00h)
  • Human errors ( sporadic ), e.g: call of the wrong person, or even the absence of the call

As it should be:

  • The monitoring system calls a number directly. (This may even be the same number every time, in which case we redirect the call from there)
  • Waiting for call acceptance
  • Playing a record / jingle to signal the called party that the connection has been established.
  • Waiting for a PIN - DTMF code to be entered to confirm that the incident has been accepted and the call has not been answered by an answering machine.
  • Optional: Confirmation whether the PIN has been accepted
  • Optional: Possibility to re-enter the PIN
  • Ending the call
  • Returns a status (code) whether the incident has been accepted.

What I have so far:

  • An Asterisk installation
  • A successful registration with the Sip Provider

I have already read/viewed some tutorials, but they have a different objective and my request differs from that.

Strictly speaking, this is not an Asterisk question.

What you are trying to do is technically not so complicated, but requires some experimentation and testing to make it work reliably in a given environment using a couple of (redundant) techniques. I am doing something similar to monitor (heartbeat), report and react for a larger standby power supply.

You can easily automate phone calls, automatically evaluate emails, do something, write to databases, etc. You just need to make yourself familiar with the technologies and it will be very unlikely that you will find anything that will be readily available for your purpose.

This looks like a one of two day project to me.

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