How to revert alaw to wav file?

How to revert alaw to wav file? I try
sox -V -r 8000 -c 1 -t al vm-intro.wav

but my file likes rat’s scream. WHy?

There are built in conversion tools in the Asterisk CLI if you want to convert to the Asterisk supported .wav settings. (file convert source.type destintion.type)

Are you trying to play this on a fully function .wav file player, or on Asterisk. I would expect your sox command to create an A-Law encoded .wav file, which Asterisk will not be able to play. I thought it would actually reject it, though.

With sox the -t needs to go before the file to which it applies, and, to create the type of .wav file that Asterisk expects, you may need to use -e signed-integer, before the output file, as you might otherwise just get an A-law encoded .wav, as I think sox will retain the input encoding, where possible.

alaw to wav, not wav to alaw. Not for Asterisk, for my managers needs sample.

convert file will work both ways.

.wav files are container files, so a .wav file can contain media in A-law encoding. .wav can even carry MP3.

Why I can’t see here what you talk about it?

The “file convert” functionality predates the wiki and likely noone has written about it on there. It does exist and work as @david551 says though.

He didn’t write anything. Which of these (file convert source.type destintion.type) should become clear?

file? Is it part of command of path to file? or file?
source type? It is … what? wav. alaw? or .al?
destination.type? Is it type of destination? hdd or usb? what?

*CLI> file convert
Usage: file convert <file_in> <file_out>
Convert from file_in to file_out. If an absolute path
is not given, the default Asterisk sounds directory
will be used.


file convert tt-weasels.gsm tt-weasels.ulaw

here is the answer. Thank you. Can I like to asterisk, ot even you?

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