How to reply 200 OK to incoming SIP OPTIONS?


An remote box I’m SIP trunking with sends to my Asterisk box, some SIP OPTIONS messages.
My box currently replies with 404 NOT FOUND.
How can turn these 404 NOT FOUND into 200 OK when using chan_sip or PJSIP respectively ?

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In the case of PJSIP the SIP OPTIONS has to match a PJSIP endpoint and the extension has to exist in the dialplan. If you provide console output and “pjsip set logger on” then a more specific answer could potentially occur.

The SIP RFC requires options to return the same as as successful INVITE would, so you have to make a request to a URI that would succeed as an INVITE.

If it is being used to test connectivity, 404 proves connectivity and should not be a problem.

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