How to play mp4 or any video file


Is it possible to play video file(any format) for users on their mobile ?
or some related solution for education purpose.

Thanks .

Definitely not if you are connected through an analogue line, and not even if the downlink to the mobile is via a normal mobile voice call.

If this is actually a SIP call that happens to be over a mobile data network, you could try sending a URL, to see if the phone understands that (not actually sure that is supported), or you could attempt a video call. In the latter case, you will need to extract the actual media stream from the MP4, offline, as Asterisk can only work with media streams, not with video container formats.

thanks for reply.

Hello David

Is there any way to download any file like mp4 or else through dialplan/link , I tried little bit with curl but fail.
System(/usr/bin/curl -O http://localhost/Video1.mp4)

curl should work, but it might be trying to put the file into a directory you don’t expect, ans possibly one for which Asterisk doesn’t have adequate permission.

During some research , some link says that video can play or download during call.

David, When I tried with curl through mobile , file is downloading in server /tmp directory every time.

So is it final that no solution during call , asterisk/ nfs or some other link will not work for download or play file.?

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