How to parcel CDR file


I would like to know is there any solution to parcel CDR files?
I have 2 kinds of files: Ericsson AXE810 and Huawei CSOFTX3000 (extension .cdr).

What I need to do is to get all information from CDR files and save in database or even .txt files (doesn’t matter where). Any ideas?

Thank you in advence

For CSOFTX3000 you can use a free tool in perl, the issue is that all the CDR types are not implemented but you can adapat it, look here:

To decode your ericsson CDR files you can use the free tool, available here:

In my previous company we were using marben cdr converter to decode Ericsson MSC and Huawei MSOFTX3000 ASN.1 CDRs and it was working well.

Other solution is to build your own tools only piking up the fields you need.


Thank you for reply.

I found marben converter, it’s working well, but it is not free. I need to buy licenses.
I’m planning to program it myself. I hope I can do it.

I used splunk to decode my file, but it is very tough to use splunk, now I’m reading documentation.
I think its not free.

I would like to know did you create your own software to decode or you paid for licenses?

Could you please show me the path where to start?

Thank you in advance.


Do you still need help?

Sorry for this very late reply, I was in holiday and then verry busy and traveling!
What I use mainly depends of the tools provided by the third parties.
It can be dedicated software such as ETL (very expensive but powerfull) or specific software like CDR Converter depending of customer existing tools and budget.