How to map extension to sip trunk / outbund route


I have successful installed asterisk and it’s working with all options…

There just something I don’t know how to do:

I would like several extensions to use a specific trunk to dial outbound.

I found a way doing this with dialling prefixes:

Extension / Trunk
101 / SIPTrunk1
102 / SIPTrunk2
103 / SIPTrunk2
104 / SIPTrunk3

I found a way by defining Dial Patterns:

Outbound Route / Dial Patterns / Trunk Sequence
Route1 / 9| / SIPTrunk1
Route2 / 8| / SIPTrunk2
Route3 / 7| / SIPTrunk3

BUT THIS IS ACTUALY NOT WHAT I WANT. I don’t want users to dial a prefix.

Is there a possibility to map an extension to an Outgoing Route by not using dial patterns, such as prefix?

Thanks for your help.


you could simply put all the phones you want in one context
and make sure that context always dials via that trunk line for outbound calls.

or you could make a AGI that dynamically inserts the trunk to call on based on the calling station id.