How to make working installation documentation?

Hi am new to Asterisk. I would like to install it on debian 8 on google cloud.
Could you suggest some full install documentation? I canot find one.

And could you suggest what ping is good for asterisk to work normaly?
It seems that google cloud has ping near 40 ms. What if i make tunel, can it help to reduce it?

Assumming you wont use the pjsip channel drviver, you can use this guide It is for Asterisk 11, but with an small modiication it will work as well for Asterisk 13.X

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Tahank you. I will try it. One thing i am concerned is ping. need to test it

My servers is on the cloud ping between Asterisk and the SIP clients is (40 ms), is not perfect but it is good,I have read that as long as this ping is below 100ms, you should be good to go.

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Thanks ambiorixg12 !

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Also check out the wiki for Installing Asterisk. Specifically, the Installing Asterisk From Source page and its subpages.


can u install AsteriskNOW from ssh on cloud? i do not see any instructions only iso and cd?

What is confusing, i see how to install different packages but i do not see docs like to have a working PBX you need packages from 1 to 3 and and other packages gives you options this and this.

Only if your cloud service provides SSH to a simulated console. AsteriskNOW installs onto a bare machine.

Note that cloud machines are not necessarily optimised for real-time use, but you will need that for VoIP.