How to loop playback in ARI Asterisk?

Hello, we need to loop an audio playback. We’re doing playback on a channel. Are there any variables we can set or any flags we can pass to the channel or playback, so that we can loop our playback?

There are no variables, and the API documents all the functionality from ARI. There is no looping functionality built in, it’s up to you to do.

Thanks for the answer! Do you know how we could implement something like that?

When the playback is finished[1] then play it again.

[1] Asterisk REST Data Models - Asterisk Documentation

Oh I see, thank you! Another thing is is that I want to loop playback for Channel 2, but not channel 1. I guess I could implement some custom handling logic that would ignore playback finished event for channel 1 but not for channel 2

That’s all logic and business decisions in your ARI application. Asterisk just does what it is told.

Yeah, I see, thank you very much!

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