Asterisk 20 ari

When i was trying to start recoding and do a playback its not playing on the call using ari can anyone help

Has the channel been answered? If not try answering it first. Either before calling AGI, or during AGI processing.

call is already in stasis and recording is starting sucessfully but after that when am doing playback audio i can not hear it in the call also am using ARI not AGI

You can’t call /record on a channel and also /playback on a channel at the same time. If what you are trying to do is implement a MixMonitor equivalent you would create a snoop channel using /snoop and call /record on that instead.

due to ari ?

Well, ARI, and the fundamental way Asterisk works. Two things can’t handle a channel at once. You can’t, for example, call Record() and Playback() in the Asterisk dialplan at the same time on the same channel. Other things, like /snoop and MixMonitor(), use mechanisms to explicitly allow their usage in the scenario.

am doing like first starting the recording and then waiting 1 sec then doing playback
sometime it works and before 2-3days it was working fine i don’t know what is the issue now


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