How to get SIP status of phone from remote Asterisk server

Hello guys,

We have a couple of asterisk servers, SIP phones are registered to each PBX. All asterisk uses IAX2 and DUNDi to advertise extensions. All works good.

On local asterisk, when I type CLI> sip show peers I am able to see status of all configured phones.

I am able to see DUNDi advertisement from remote system when I execute:

CLI> dundi lookup 3004@priviax
  1.    10 IAX2/iaxuser:password==@server_ip/3004 (EXISTS)
     from 00:21:5a:ff:cd:09, expires in 30 s

and peers status (by peer I mean another asterisk pbx):

Does anyone know if is there a way to see status of registred phones on remote pbx?