How to get "Name" of user via SIP Trunk

Hi, I’am receiving a call from a SIP Trunk.

I have this in extensions.conf:

When I see in the console, it displays this:

In a single like I get this:

I just want to get the part: Jhon Doe (without quotes)

If i use: NoOp(${CALLERID(Name)}) it will display: mytrunk

So, How can I Clean all the string to only display: Jhon Doe?


Try with CUT

hehe Yeeh, since somes minutes ago I’m trying to figure out.

I try using this:

exten => n,Set(foo=${SIP_HEADER(From)}) exten => n,Set(ti=${CUT(foo, <,-2)})

and now i get this: “Jhon Doe” (including quotes)

How can I replace quotes using REPLACE()?? Please, give me a hand.


.... same => n,Set(foo=${SIP_HEADER(From)}) same => n,Set(ti=${CUT(foo, <,-2)}) same => n,Set(ti2=${REPLACE(ti,"\"",)}) same => n,NoOp(ti2)