How to get Feature Access Codes *XX working in Asterisk

Hi everybody,
I have local and LD calls working fine, but the star codes like *72,*90 give fast busy as soon as I dial,I defined them just like local and LD calls in dial plan. can yall take a look at dial plan and see why it doesn’t work.
exten => _*XX,1,SetCallerPres(allowed) ;Feature Access Code Dialing
exten => _*XX,2,Dial(Zap/g3/${EXTEN})
exten => _N11,1,SetCallerPres(allowed) ;N11 Dialing
exten => _N11,2,Dial(Zap/g3/${EXTEN})
exten => _XXXX,1,SetCallerPres(allowed) ;4-digit BW VPN Dialing
exten => _XXXX,2,Dial(Zap/g3/${EXTEN})
exten => _NXXXXXX,1,SetCallerPres(allowed) ;7-digit Local Dialing
exten => _NXXXXXX,2,Dial(Zap/g3/${EXTEN})
exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,1,SetCallerPres(allowed) ;10-digit Local Dialing
exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,2,Dial(Zap/g3/${EXTEN})

exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,SetCallerPres(allowed) ;11-digit LD Dialing
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,2,Dial(Zap/g3/${EXTEN})

; Local ten-digit dialing accessed through trunk interface
exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(Zap/g3/${EXTEN:${TRUNKMSD}})
exten => _*XX,1,Dial(Zap/g3/${EXTEN:${TRUNKMSD}})
exten => _N11,1,Dial(Zap/g3/${EXTEN:${TRUNKMSD}})


are the numbers “reaching” Asterisk ? or does your UA (phone) use these for internal service activation ?