How to get access to CDR&CEL data from the DB?

I want to use the Grafana MYSQL datasource connector to view more
custom statisticvs and graphs.

This only has to be for the CDR/CEL data.

How can I get this data?

I have tried connecting via mysql and using the username and passwork in the /etc/asterisk files but that didn’t let me in.

Is there a another way i can access the data in semi-real time. So within 30 minutes would be ideal?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I suspect this is a FreePBX question, not an Asterisk one. With raw Asterisk, you provide the database, so you really should know how to access it.

If it is a FreePBX question, you want

Ahh I thought CDR/CEL was an Aserisk thing.

They are Asterisk, but getting them somewhere depends on configuration, etc. For example, the sample configuration file for Asterisk puts CDRs in a flat file

and I think it still throws out CEL completely.

Enabling them to a database, and providing access to that database, is something that FreePBX does.

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