How to establish SIP connection, when proxy is required?

I have

Asterisk GUI-version : SVN–r[/quote]
Yes, quite old one, but I can not update it since this is installed on my Synology NAS. NAS is connected to internet thru router Asus RT-N16.

I should use the following data to connect to the server:
[ol][li]Auth name – 7499952XXXX[/li]
[li]User name/User ID/Display Name – nickname[/li]
[li]Authorization user name -[/li]
[li]Domain -[/li]
[li]SIP proxy server -[/li][/ol]

I’ve also found the following string:

I’ve tested the parameters on my PC thru X-Lite and it works well (so, assume there is no any problem with the router, no need to do anything with router’s NAS settings).

But since I am quite new to Asterisk, I can not understand where to input all these data. Asterisk GUI doesn’t have fields for proxy:

Can somebody please help me with step-by-step instruction? Thank you in advance!

You appear to be using a GUI. This forum is not a forum for asking support questions, but is closer to one for people directly configuring sip.conf, rather than GUI users.