How to enable the DO_CRASH compile option?

I am trying to use menuselect, but it is saying the option DO_CRASH does not exists:

root@debian9:~/Downloads/asterisk/17.1.0# menuselect/menuselect \
>   --disable BUILD_NATIVE \
>   --enable cdr_csv \
>   --enable chan_sip \
>   --enable res_snmp \
>   --enable res_http_websocket \
>   --enable res_rtp_asterisk \
>   --enable res_srtp \
>   --enable BETTER_BACKTRACES \
>   --enable DONT_OPTIMIZE \
>   --enable DEBUG_THREADS \
>   --enable DO_CRASH \
>   menuselect.makeopts;
'DO_CRASH' not found

Can you try make menuselect to make the choices interactively ?

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How was Asterisk configured? You have to have enabled developer mode during configuration in order for that option to be made available. For example:

./configure --enable-dev-mode
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As a side note, I’m not sure why you want to enable some of these options. They really should only be used for development, and/or debugging purposes (which you might be doing).

But just in case you are not aware, some of these options like DEBUG_THREADS can have an impact on performance. If you’re interested, some more information can be found on the wiki. And DO_CRASH will cause assertions in Asterisk to force a “crash”.

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I tried that, but the option DO_CRASH did show showed up neither.

Thanks! I did not know I had to pass a special flag to configure.

I am new to asterisk, and I am maintaining a plugin/module for asterisk. I was having deadlock and having a hard time to figure out what was happening.

I would be very useful if the page which mentioned the DO_CRASH option mentioned it is required to call ./configure with --enable-dev-mode.

PS: I just found out they added this flag 11 years ago on the commit:

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