How to customize Voicemail behavior when call is put on hold?


When a user calls another and ends up on voicemail, then receives another call and answers it, the first call is put on hold while the voicemail application is still executing.
In that situation, it seems the voicemail will continue recording the caller’s audio stream despite the call being on hold.

Is that the expected behavior?
Is there a way to customize the handling of call holding in that situation, through the voicemail application or otherwise?


That’s a function of your (SIP) phone, not of Asterisk. Asterisk cannot tell that there is any connection between the calls.

Not sure I understand.
The call goes through asterisk, which mediates the call, and since it goes to voicemail the call is only between the caller and the voicemail program, which is hosted by asterisk.
In our client, call holding is implemented through SIP.js, which uses the standard mechanism of sending a=sendonly SDP option in a reINVITE.

Is there no way to manipulate the voicemail behavior when receiving a call holding INVITE from the peer?

The voicemail module has no knowledge of hold and pays no attention to it. Code changes would be required to alter any of that behavior.

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Unless the phone itself duplicates the audio on the a=sendonly stream, I’d expect silence, or a lack of frames, to be recorded.

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