How to customize MeetMe messages and beeps?

I’ve found that I need to change the files in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/conf* to change the MeetMe messages.

However, how do I change the “User Join”, “User Leave” beep? Which file is it?

The second parameter of the MeetMe application, called “options”, let you change this, just put “q” in the “options” string.


Marco Bruni

I’ve to correct myself, to be more on topic, the “q” sets quiet mode, in quiet mode, Asterisk won’t play sounds as conference participants enter or leave.
If you want to customize the beep try modify the file beep.gsm you find in the sounds directory, I think beep.gsm is used whenever a beep is needed.


Marco Bruni

.gsm files will only be used if they are the installed format that Asterisk believes is cheapest to convert to the channels actual codec. If you have any linear or companded format and the codec is not GSM, that format is probably going to be preferred.

beep.gsm sounds completely different than the user-join, user-leave “chimes” in the MeetMe application.

I think it may be hard coded in enter.h, leave.h in the apps source code folder. Anyone know what kind of raw format it may be encoded?

The header comments say it is mu-law PCM.


  • U-law 8-bit audio data[/code]