How to creat the dailplan?

Dear all.
Am a new member from Vietnam. I’ve just installed the Asterisk, but i dont know about how to config the dailplan. Can you tell me how can i begin with it?
Thank you very much!


ok, this is the docs forum, you probably want to ask on the users forum in future.

the wiki is your friend.

there is a “sticky” at the top of the users forum that contains links for new users. you should read through those, and the chances are you’ll find what you want.

the Asterisk Makefile can make example configs for you … in your Asterisk source directory type make samples to have an example installed for you.

Thanks baconbuttie for advise!

I’ve read the link that you post to me, its a good document for me to study. But my English is not well, so its hard to me for understand all. Can you show me? :wink:

Example: Now i want to make a menu that when i dial the number (203) then the exchange return to me a voicemail “press 1 to maint office, 2 to power office, 3 to operation office…” and the when i press 1, the exchange will dial the main office…
I’ve update into the Extensions.conf file many command lines to do it via AMP, but is not run.
I know i need to read more, but to save the time i think i need the help from you and all users in this forum.
Thank you very much!

Are you using trixbox ? As beacon mentioned above the best way to learn is from the book. Even if your english isnt too good you should be able to pick things up from the examples that are in the book. Also on you can find many examples on how to edit files. A good link to start reading is: … sions.conf

yes i tried and works