How to control P-Asserted-Id value?


While working on a new Asterisk 16.28.0 setup, I’m observing Asterisk the following.

Alice is calling Bob over the PSTN.
Alice’s phone, connected though PJSIP, has the following settings:

When Asterisk sends a final 200 OK back to Alice’s phone, it includes a P-Asserted-Identity field valued to something like <sip:>.
This “s” string is then displayed on Alice’s phone screen.

  1. Where does this “s” value come from ? In my testing, it seems to match the dialplan extension that called the Dial app ?
  2. How can I control this value and send back a more useful value ?

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Why are you working on a new system with an unsupported version of Asterisk?

This is the version of current debian stable :wink:

Adding an I (capital i)option to Dial and preceding Dial with a CONNECTEDLINE statement made it.

same = n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(num,i)=123456)
same = n,Dial(PJSIP/123456@trunk,,I)

Thanks for helping

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