How to connect two incoming calls

Hi there,

i want something like this:

a call comes in and stays in ringing-state. Then asterisk dials out and rings at my mobile.
Then i dial back and will be connected to the other call.

The first sequence for the first incoming call is logical…
ringing, dial(SIP/mobile),wait,hangup

But how get i these both together?

Others have tried Pickup(). Doesn’t work on all systems, possibly due to a Pickup() bug. See another thread about Pickup. (I can’t get Pickup to work on my Asterisk 1.2.13/Zap 1.2.10, Linux 2.6.)

oh no :wink:

i’ve tried to get pickup working for that and got a response of my bug-ticket, that the Pickup-Command isn’t made for this :frowning:

Doh :smile: didn’t realize you posted the other thread. Got to wonder what Pickup IS for.