How to connect an external FXO(SPA3K) in Asterisk?

I have the following situation:
I need to connect a remote SPA-3000 to my Asterisk an I having Problems to reach this port.

My Asterisk Server are in a public Address, and I can use remotes softphones with no issues.
The FXOon the SPA-3000 are in a network with DHCP.

I can get my remote sipura registered in the Asterisk server.

Please, Could someone who deal succesfully with this scenario help me?


from what I’ve seen, I don’t think you can get the fxo side of the spa3k to register with asterisk. there are some tricks you can play with on the line1 side and games within the spa3k. Otherwise, you may want to take a look at the following article. It is geared at AMP/FreePBX configurations but should have enough data to understand what is going on with the SPA3K side and you can apply it to any proper asterisk configuration. It has been setup in an environment that you describe with the SPA3K behind a distant nat across the internet. … &Itemid=28