How to configure voice mail

I want to ask about voicemail in asterisk, kindly tell me that how can I configure voice mail in asterisk or how can I access vm messages…

You set up the mailboxes in voicemail.conf. For people to leave messages you call the Voicemail application in extensions.conf. To check messages you call the VoicemailMain application in extensions.conf

Can u kindly tell me the procedure bcos m new to asteisk


sadly there is no easy procedure we can tell you because every application is different. You want to go through voicemail.conf and configure all the options to match your system / use for it. At the end is where you set up the actual mailboxes, there are many examples.
then in extensions.conf you make extensions for voicemailmain() (to check voicemail) and also put a voicemail entry for the extensions that need to get it. at the CLI do show application voicemail and show application voicemailmain for lots of docs on how to use those two commands

i suggest reding extensions.cond.sample and voicemail.conf.samle
this files are placed in [asterisk.tar.gz_install_dir]/configs/
U don’t have 2 B newB 4ever
read this … email.conf
this one page should answer Your question fully, exaples are included.