How to configure DID line in asterisk

I have asterisk with TDM2400(24 Lines from Bullseye) and configured with approximatly 70 extensions. I would like to configure any one the line from 24 lines has a DID line in asterisk. For Example when somebody call that DID line, call should go directly wihout entering the extension or Welcome message from asterisk. Please help me to configure the same.

Thanks in advance for the reply

krishna kumar

If you look at the ${EXTEN} variable you can get the DID info. From there you can setup something like

exten => 9995551212, 1, Dial(SIP/1212)
exten => 9995551213, 1, Dial(SIP/1213)

You will need to check to see what is being sent in as the DID as some providers may not send in all the digits. I have mine only sending in the last 4.

As you’re set up as analog lines and not a PRI, you’ll never get the number information. You’ll need to configure each physical channel in your zapata.conf file to ring a different context.

Now, if you were using a T1 or E1 PRI, you would have that information, but as there is no data path over an analog circuit, there’s no way for your provider to pass the number being dialed. So, you’ll need to configure each analog line that’s being treated as a DID separately.

You could have saved yourself a whole lot of trouble by using a T1 or E1 provider as opposed to 24 analog lines. It probably would have been cheaper as well.

You could try use a different context per fxo channel, then in the context just dial the right extension, didn’t try but should work.


Marco Bruni

Do you know how many DNIS Digits the telco is passing you? I always get them to pas the full 10 digits, then I can just do somthing like…exten => ##########,1,Macro(<what ever macro that I need>)