Asterisk intergrade-asterisk-java modify the sip.conf?

In the asterisk-java package. it there any class or method that supports the function like below:

the user running the java program to connect asterisk server and then modify the sip.conf file

is there any difference between using AGI to connect the server and using manager API? I check a little the asterisk-java package, some class are some implementation of fastAGI. Is it mean that if I program a java using the manager API to connect the server, then I can’t use those classes?


I’m new to the asterisk & asterisk-java but I’d suggest that you read the
Tutorial. In brief: There are two ways to have java code executed with
respect to an asterisk server.

The first one is the FastAGI, that permits you to have code executed at
certain parts of the dialplan (e.g. you can have an agi script implement
some very sophisticated kind of queue - which may not be the reco-
mended way to do that). Using the FastAGI you get a behaviour like
an event driven environment - it has nothing to do with events of the
manager. The FastAGI has to do only with the classes of the
net.sf.asterisk.fastagi.* packages.

The second one is the Manager interface. This is a way to send commands
(actions) to the asterisk (via the manager interface) and watch what is
happening to the asterisk server via the manager events.
The manager has to do with the classes of the net.sf.asterisk.manager.*

So far I haven’t found one (and i bet there is none - at least yet) way to
edit the SIP conf via the manager or the FastAGI approach. However you
can edit the SIP.conf file programmaticaly and then command the manager
interface to reload the SIP configuration, via the CommandAction.

Feel free to correct me or ask for more info!


Panayiotis Pavlou