Obtaining a trunk defined as SIP by ARI

Hi, I would like to make a call through ARI.
On one of the PBXs, it’s done and works, but on another one, I can’t make a call because ARI doesn’t see the SIPTrunk.
This request does not return the SIPTrunk that is set up as SIP.

In this working scenario, the SIPTrunk is as PJSIP,

and in the non-working one, as SIP.

What is the reason that can’t go out through the SIP Trunk? And are there any workarounds?

How exactly are you trying to make a call through ARI? It’s up to you to provide the dial string.

I want to use exactly the same method but with a changed trunk.
In the working example, I do it this way:

In the non-working example, I receive a 500 code because there is no such trunk (it exists but is defined as SIP, not PJSIP).

That line is calling using PJSIP. If chan_sip is in use, then you would use SIP instead.

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Previously, I called SIP and the effect was the same, I didn’t even see the trunk on the endpoint list. Now I see it has appeared and the connection has been established. I apologize for the confusion.

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