How to bind IAX to more than one interface (and use it)

We have a gentoo box with a quad port intel server GB adaptor. We have all for interfaces on different public subnets. Our goal was to have a local interface on each subnet to reduce the effects of delay through our core router (all iax trunks would be directly connected through a local interface) and to keep the phone system operational if the router needed to be rebooted. Only one of the interfaces has default gateway setup and it is the one that would talk to the outside world.

Anyway, the reason isn’t the issue. I have found that when asterisk 1.2.4 (and previous versions) is loaded with the bindport-4569 and bindaddr= it binds to the eth0 interface to which an iaxping works. The other interfaces on the other subnets do not reply to an iaxping. Even when we listed eath ip in the bindaddr iax.conf file it only worked with the first one in the list.

We really need this to work, even if it were only on two interfaces. Our main public routed BGP address and a static address on one of our fiber connections to direct the traffic over that particular link.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…