[HELP] changing port asterisk listens on

is it possible to change the port that the asterisk box will listen for iax softphones to connect on becides the default 4569?

In iax.conf :


[quote=“WillKemp”]In iax.conf :


can you have multiple ones listed?

Doesn’t look like it.

However, if you used NAT on the asterisk box, you could redirect other ports to the IAX2 port.

i think you can have multiple in cvs-head. (im unsure though but its worth googling for, it might be only for ip’s or only for sip).

Maybe you’re right. I’ve got a recent (maybe two weeks old) CVS-head version running here and the iax.conf file from that version has the following:

;bindport=4569 ; bindport and bindaddr may be specified
; ; NOTE: bindport must be specified BEFORE bindaddr
; ; or may be specified on a specific bindaddr if followed by
; ; colon and port (e.g. bindaddr=
;bindaddr= ; more than once to bind to multiple
; ; addresses, but the first will be the
; ; default

The implication here is that there could be more than one port - if they’re specified as part of bindaddr statements.



etc. Or whatever.

This will probably only work with recent CVS versions though.