How to add sip uri parameters?

Hi everyone,
I’m developing an IVR system that in some cases make a dial out call.
I need to set a parameter in the URI like this:
INVITE sip:number@server;user=phone
In this case the parameter is user and the value is phone.

Did anyone knows how to set this parameter with the ARI interface, I guess that it might be done by adding appArgs in the create channel interface, am I write?


Whilst I haven’t tried any of this on ARI, for chan_sip, there is an option that will enable this for any valid phone number and pjsip, it looks like you can simply include it in the URI, unless you add an option that strips it out.

Iḿ using it, that was how I solve this problem. But I’d like to have a solution based on ari. With this I could share different environments . . . .

Dialing in ARI is the same as dialing using the Dial() application or Originate. There is no extra functionality explicitly to do this. Same Dial string for all, so it would work the same way.

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