How to add line return to line when using File()

I’m trying to change my use of System(echo “Line to add to file” >> file.txt) to the use of File(). It is working in the way that I can add lines to the the new file. But how do I add a line return to the end of a line that I added to the file? (probably very simple but there is not much info to find and although I really tried I didn’t find the solution) Thanks in advance.

Have you tried “\n” or “\r\n”?


I’m doing it by specifying to use unix format.

same => n,Set(FILE(${CALLFILE},al,u)=Context: pageconnect)
same => n,Set(FILE(${CALLFILE},al,u)=Extension: s)
same => n,Set(FILE(${CALLFILE},al,u)=Priority: 1)

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