Asterisk 11 Function_FILE

I want to write to a text file using function FILE(), but I get an error if the file doesn’t exist. Is there a way to tell asterisk to create the file so that function FILE() can write to it?

Thanks much!

You could use the System application. This is not the right forum for support questions.

I’m sorry I don’t understand.

  1. What is the correct forum for this question?
  2. No matter how I word a search, it shows that the word “FILE” is ignored, so how can I search for info about that function?

I apologize for my ignorance, but I’m trying to dispel a little of it by seeking help from those much more knowledgeable than I am.

The forum needs to contain the word Support in its name. The General forums are for discussions, not questions.

Type core show function FILE at the cli prompt.