How to add Asterisk to my current network? I need more wire?

Hi people.

At the company i work for, we had 2 PBX system that handle about 70 extensions + 25 trunk lines.

PBX-A 16 trunks + 55 extensions
PBX-B 9 trunks + 15 extensions

Both are a very old beasts, i want to try asterisk to replace both PXB’s, now my network is about 80 desktops running at 100Mb, is a switched network.

We have soft-phones and hardware phones for VoIP, my big doubt is, i need to add more wire to my current network if i run asterisk with soft or hardware phones:?:, is my big doubt.

Where i can find technical info about this :question:

Thanks all for your time :smiley: