How to add a voice to asterisk?

I have a professional voice. i want to use that as a default voice for text to speech in asterisk. Is it possible to add own voices in asterisk?

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This is the wrong forum for Support questions.

Do you really mean text to speech? Asterisk doesn’t have any native text to speech, although it can use the Festival package. Text to speech software generally cannot reproduce the nuances of a particular speakers well enough to allow them to be identified.

If you mean the standard voice announcements, these are held, in your selected formats, under /var/lib/asterisk/sounds (standard installation). You simply re-record them in a high quality format and convert them to the formats you actually use. There are text files listing the contents of each one.

As there are rather a lot, you will probably need to work out which ones you actually need, and only record those.

I will agree with u and thanks for ur response.

I have a requirement like text to speech. I have to install multiple voices and from that if i chosen one voice, the text should synthesize with that voice.

Generally we have cepstral voices and etc. If i want to install other than these licenced voices taken from friends, In that case how can i register that voice.

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