How send/receive(fax2mail) fax via email with asterisk?


I have a trunk SIP from OVH provider, I want to use my DID number for receiving (fax2mail)/sending Fax.

I have also Grandstream GXW4104 connected to 4 analog lines, how can I receive(fax2mail)/send a fax from this gateway?

Which is the best configuration to use for my needs?

Should I use the spandsp?

Note: the asterisk that I’m using is 1.8.15 (certificate version)

If you have a FXS gateway you can connect it to Analog fax device and route your DID to this port .
If you want a software solution for your fax you can use digium fax license or you can use other solutions such as Hylafax .

For fax receiving and sending via e-mail you will also need to use some Bash scripts. Have a look around, this topic is quite widely discussed on the web.