How many VM boxes will astrisk comfortably support

I am an ISP with over 10,000 email boxes and we are about to deploy VOIP using a taqua switch with a SIP interface.

One of the ( many ) components we are lacking is voicemail. I would like to start with 500 boxes, move up to over 1000 boxes within 3 months and 5000 within 2 years.

Can astrisk support 500 to 5000 email boxes ?

We also need a feature server but i refuse to pay $300k for vocal data.

Any information would be apperciated.


Take a look at these pages: … mendations

for voicemail it is more how big is the hard drive and concurrent users and how are the connecting.

I’ve worked on a setup with a simple single proc server with 100 GB hard drive that had about 7,500 mailboxes on it.