Asterisk VoIP solution

Need to know HOW TO

how would i instal :
SIP Server,
Media server,
Gateway server,
and last Voice Mail server storage

as of now we only have one ASTERISK server that as 250 client and they are generating 44000 calls a month.

need advise and pointer

thnak in advance

Not sure what you are looking to accomplish. Asterisk can be all of the above in your list. 250 Phones and 44k calls a month should be easily done by a single server. If you want instructions on installing Asterisk, I’d suggest you look at the Asterisk book which is pretty decent.

I think no problem about your case.

My system have 100 users on a Asterisk server, 55000 calls a month, everything is good. But we have to use license G729 to everychannel.


I want to know out do load balancing and try to eliminate single pointe of failliure, since we get about 10 new activation a week, i don’t want to a have a major incident and have all our customer down since most of them are usin VoIP as only telephone service…

I was givin the VoIP department because of my technical skills but i having bearly any experience in opensource pbx witch was customize by 2 precedent programer that did not document what they did.

thank you again for you patient.