How many simultaneous calls can be supported at a time?

Hi all,
We are planning for Asterisk-16.4.0 AWS Ready server(z1d.metal).How many calls at a time can be handled with this configuration?

If your planning included searching for similar questions in this forum you would discover that it is a frequent question and the answer is always the same. It depends.

It depends on too many variables that interact with each other. The only way to answer it with any confidence in the magic number is to define your workload (what does a typical call do, how tolerant your users are to voice quality degradation) and to bench it out.

There are tools that will help. Unfortunately, one of the better ones ('SIPp') has a bit of a learning curve.

Also consider the implications of putting too many eggs in one basket. You may be a hero because you managed to squeeze x calls into a single server. Your boss will re-evaluate his opinion to zero when a single point failure takes his business offline.

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