How many call do asterisk can process?

Hi all,

I want to build asterisk to media server. The customer from PSTN make the call to asterisk server and interaction with IVR of asterisk, there are 600 calls at the same time are made to asterisk server. Asterisk server just manage some users (2 users).

I’m worry about processing capacity of asterisk.

Somebody explain me about this case.

Thanks & Regards.

There are a large number of factors involved in Asterisk system sizing. For example are calls coming in across IP or ISDN (T1/E1). Transcoding adds a lot of additional load so try keeping all voice traffic to a single codec (i.e. G.711a). This includes recordings as if transconding in necesary here it can be a major problem. If you are using ISDN cards this will add to the system load as they generate a lot of interrupts.

If you have 600 concurrent calls this would take up more than 20 ISDN circuits. This is a hugh number to go into one server. I would not put more than 2 x 4 channel ISDN cards into a single server. This means that you need to use probably three servers to handle these incoming lines. Your telecoms company should be able to give you advice on how best to spread inbound calls across so many ISDN circuits.