How many call do asterisk can process?

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I want to build asterisk to media server. The customer from PSTN make the call to asterisk server and interaction with IVR of asterisk, there are 600 calls at the same time are made to asterisk server. Asterisk server just manage some users (2 users).

I’m worry about processing capacity of asterisk.

Somebody explain me about this case.

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There are a lot of factors involved in determining the maximum call capacity of a single asterisk system. If you are planning on using a compressed codec and your flow will require transcoding, i think you may have a hard time gettting 600 calls on a box. If you choose to use G.711 you may find that you can easily reach 600 with the proper hardware configuration.

Here is a good resource for determining what to expect:

The other thing you might consider is doing some type of loadbalancing between 2 or 3 asterisk servers to exapnd your concurrent call capacity.

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Can you guide me clearly about the load balancing between 2 or 3 asterisk servers?

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If you are doing straight IVR or IVR with transfer it is pretty simple. Basically you need a device which can accept SIP INVITE requests and forward them to one or more asterisk servers.

We use a Foundry ServerIron 4G in our network to accomplish this task. … si-4g.html