How incoming calls connects automatically to the Queue Agents?


I have setup Asterisk 13.29.2. I have incoming setup ready. I have configured the queues and agents as well. When there is an incoming call, the available queue members soft phone rings. The caller is waiting until the agent answer the incoming call.

Now, my requirement is - The incoming call should directly lands to the available queue agents instead ringing the SIP extensions.

How can I do this ?

urmi.l It looks like you’re really going all in on this So why not stay ahead of the curb by switching to Asterisk 16 at least. Currently I’m using Ast 18 which works just fine. Question for you though, why are you using Asterisk 13 still?

What does “directly lands to the available queue agents” mean? You want the device to auto answer the call?

Yes, I will upgrade the asterisk to latest one.

Yes, directly lands to available queue agents means - the SIP device should directly answer the call instead of ringing.

Purpose of doing this is - When there are multiple incoming calls and the queue agents are getting rings but they are not answering it quickly. I want the incoming call gets auto connect to available agents.

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Remember or Note that the “latest” Asterisk version runs on pjsip. Try Asterisk 18 you can still use “sip” if that’s what you want to stick with.

Then you would need to determine the method by which the receiving phone allows such a thing to happen (such as a SIP header), and add logic to place that header on the call to the receiving phone.

As it is a security risk (remote bugging), you will probably also have to enable it on the phone.

Also note that Asterisk 16 is also almost a month beyond end of life.

Should I use the Meet me application instead of Queue ?

When the agents gets login, I will add that agent or SIP extension to Meetme room. And on incoming call, I will assign that incoming call to specific Meetme room and the incoming call will join the meet me room directly and the customer and the agent can start talking. (similar to Vicidial) !

Will it be a proper solution ?

You may want to look into app_agent_pool. It’s predecessor allowed an agent to dial in at the start of a shift, and then be given calls without any ringing, just beeps, between them. I’m not familiar with the differences between the old, agent_login system and app_agent_pool, so can’t confirm or deny that this is still possible.

You would typically have the agent on a headset, for this.

What kind of softphone you are using?
To make Automatic answer when the call arrives in the agents, depends on your sofphone to have features capability.

Me myself I use Automatic answer because of my softphone can do it.

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