How i built on fc6 x86-64

  1. make mgp123 didn’t work, because it tried to cross-compile for i386. I found a reference to gentoo patch to allow mpg123 to build on x86-64: … 785&page=3

but gentoo now uses 0.59s, so the patch seems no longer available.

Then found a mandrake src.rpm that includes a patch. Used that.

BTW, 0.59s builds on x86-64 without patching. But all I read says asterisk really wants 59r. Is this correct?

  1. Under fc6, compiler.h is no longer in /usr/include/linux. Instead, it’s in the includes for each kernel version. I had to patch channels/Makefile to add:

CFLAGS+=-I/usr/src/kernels/$(shell uname -r)-$(shell uname -i)/include

Now it built. Let’s see if it works!!