How Do Ringless Voicemail Drops Work

Hi y’all!

I’m going to start by briefly gushing about how awesome it is to have a community like this where so many brilliant developers, freelance, hobbyist, and professionals all sharing their knowledge!

I am actually looking at using a service that uses notifications to let you (essentially) use your phone (and it’s service) as a VoiP provider (it’s called CallApi). I’m using it for a non-profit and a few members of our core team have stated a preference for calls/voicemails over texts.

I’ve been looked into Ringless Voicemail Drops in the past and am now wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of what it would take to develop a system for leaving these Ringless Voicemail Drops (is there a shorthand for that)?

Some posts seem to claim it’s something people do through providers, but all the providers I have spoken to have assured me it’s not something they do (allowing people to dial directly to voicemail)…so what’s up?

Asterisk cant provide such feature is up to the provider, this was discussed before How to accomplish ringless voicemail using Asterisk

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