How do I force dial a number in asterisk?

I have three trunks setup:


I’m using FWD & sipdiscount for cheap or free calls. Callcentric has my ported number attached to it.

I have a set of numbers of friends/family that if I call it, and it gets routed through sipdiscount won’t answer because sipdiscount shows up with no caller id. How do I setup a Outbound Routing that when any friend/family is dialed in that route, it automatically gets dialed out by callcentric so my regular caller id shows up?

I don’t no the number of friends and relatives but if your adress book is not to filled up you can use numbermatching. I will look something like

exten => ,1,Dial(${trunk_with_cid}/,20,t)

If you are using a prefix you have to add it. Then it looks like
exten => 0,1,Dial(${trunk_with_cid}/,20,t)

assuming 0 is the prefix for outgoing lines