How do i enable screenshare options in sipml5 webrtc using asterisk

My video is working in sipml5 …now i need to enable screenshare options but it shows media stream permission denied

Hello Praveen,

I am new to this topic and as of now i have installed Asterisk-16.2.1 and except some error which i have attached here

For client can you guide, Is sipml5 ok to go ?
can you share me config files and installation steps on same.


You can go with sipml5 for webrtc calling purposes

hello all,

anyone else say how do i enable screenshare in webrtc sipml5 using asterisk?
How it is working using asterisk?
it shows media stream permission denied…I had connected microphone and also the equipment used for video calling then it sayz the same

To Asterisk it doesn’t care, it’s just a video stream. Your questions are really focused on the WebRTC browser/SIPML5 side so you may have better luck on forums focused on that.

ok @jcolp

Thanks for the response