How do I confirm that FEC data is being received?

We have an app that uses Asterisk for an audio conference room. We use the Opus codec. When there is packet loss between the audio sender and Asterisk, we expect the browser so end FEC data and for Asterisk to use the data to prevent the packet loss from causing too much of a loss of audio quality.

However, I’m finding it impossible to confirm that FEC data is being sent or received. Chrome has no web-rtc stats to track sent FEC data. I’m wondering if there is any way to track on the Asterisk side that FEC data is being received and utilized. Maybe there is some verbose logging or something?


Unfortunately, there is nothing on the Asterisk side that specifically tells you whether or not a frame contains FEC data. One can only assume FEC is included in a sent or received frame when certain conditions are met.

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