How can i use Sangoma T1/E1 tapping solution with ASTERISK


I am working in asterisk. I want know the details about the Sangoma T1/E1 tapping solution.

I want use that device. I read somany articles about this device. But i want know that how can i use this device with asterisk.

i read articles for using asterisk with this device but they did not described very deeply. So what are the configuration i have to use in asterisk.

Also i saw some patches for asterisk to use this device but i dont know how to use that.

Can any one help me out to configure that ?

What are the things i wanna know that :

  1. How can i record the calls using this device ?

  2. How to install this device ?

  3. How to connect this device with PRI line & Sangoma Card 0r RHINO card ?

  4. How to monitor this device

  5. what are dialplans to record the calls using this device ?

  6. Is this device storing recorded calls in asterisk server or any other server connected with Asterisk server ?

  7. if i want to use device in USA then, Which one i hav to use it E1 or T1 ?

  8. Is this device working like OREKA recording software ?

Check this URL for more information.

Please help me to sort it out this problems.

Please any one help me out to do that …

It is quite a technical question. My guess is that only Ian Plain might be able to help, and he hasn’t answered. MalcolmD might know, but, as he works for Digium, he is not going to help with competitor products, except to say ask the vendor (he would also say that for Digium products, but knowing that an answer should be available).


Thanks for the replay. I found sangoma wiki page.They just given some description… But i dont know how to connect that. There is two ports are there. One for PRI_CPE and another one for PRI_NET.

Then it’ll connect with sangoma card. Also they just given that write a dialplan to record.

But still i am confused with some…i Dont know why …



+1 :smiley:

In the USA, you’ll 99% of the time be encountering T1s. Never heard of OREKA, but call recording related questions 1-5 you posed are all doable with the hardware & the latest open source Asterisk software. It sounds like you might need some consultant help, though, to get it all up and going properly. Please contact us for a quote.